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by surreyforward


Categories: Media Releases

by surreyforward


Surrey, British Columbia – Jinny Sims has confirmed she will be challenging incumbent mayor Doug McCallum and incumbent Councillor Brenda Locke to be the next Mayor of Surrey.

Sims will be the Mayoral candidate of new elector organization Surrey Forward. She is joined in her quest to fix this broken Council by candidates June Liu, Ramon Bandong and Theresa Pidcock.

“Surrey City Hall is broken,” said Jinny Sims, Mayoral candidate. “There are two factions at City Hall fighting with each other instead of fighting for the people of Surrey.”

“Where is the openness and transparency required for our City to operate effectively and efficiently? The Police Service is a great example: The people of Surrey are demanding to know what service level we get from each option and at what cost. Is that too much to ask?”

Surrey Forward brings three principles to the race for City Council: openness and transparencyfairness and making Surrey affordable for families.

Whatever the issue, transit, roads, recreation facilities, community infrastructure, childcare, education and so on, Surrey Forward will choose policy positions in an open and transparent manner, that are fair for all the people of Surrey and that make Surrey more affordable for families.

Jinny Sims announcement speech will be at 6:13 pm at Riverside Signature Banquet Hall, 13030 76 Avenue, Surrey, BC on June 8, 2022. Doors open at 5:15 pm.

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Background: Candidate Biographies

Jinny Sims

Jinny’s involvement in politics has been a lifelong venture, fueled by her passion for education. Born in Punjab, India, Jinny immigrated to England when she was nine years old where she went on to earn her Bachelor’s of Education at the University of Manchester before moving to Canada, where she taught high school before becoming the president of the BC Teachers’ Federation. Jinny has served as a Member of Parliament and most recently, an MLA representing Surrey-Panorama.

June Liu

Growing up in Surrey, June has developed a passion for creating a community that benefits every resident and has been dedicated from a young age to make the city a better place for everyday people. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, June’s family move to B.C. when she was just six months old. With a life-long interest in politics, she now holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Simon Fraser University.

Ramon Bandong

Born in the Philippines, Ramon’s outlook on politics changed when he was just 15 and he was part of the People Power Movement in Manila that ended 20 years of dictatorship and allowed the country to transition into democracy. A Surrey resident of 23 years, Ramon is passionate about interracial respect, inclusion and dignity, mental well-being and he wishes to improve cost-of-living affordability with his experience in the financial sector.

Theresa Pidcock

Theresa is a life-long Surrey resident and advocate for children and women. Stemming from her own personal experience and long history of working alongside children with diverse abilities. Theresa was employed with the Surrey School District for 15 years and has been a part of various women’s committees for many years.


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